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I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Agnes Cleaning Service. I have been a client of Agnes Cleaning Service for 10 years. Prior to this time period, I tried a number of services. None of them were as outstanding as ACS. ACS is the most thorough and professional cleaning service that I have encountered in 25 yrs in the Chicago area. Agnieszka and her team provide an outstanding service and I highly endorse them to any potential customer. Many services send in a group of cleaners, most of the time they are different people every week, and seem to be in a hurry, when attention to detail is the thing that matters most to a homeowner. ACS will design a special service per your request. Example: I am very specific about having outstanding floors in my home. ACS began a treatment plan with a special solution for all the vinyl flooring in my home and now it looks better than it did when new and has saved me $2,000 in unnecessary floor replacement. She is very willing to make adjustments (within reason) to the weekly schedule (I travel frequently and have requested last minute changes) and does so with an understanding and professional attitude. I have a 2 story 4 BR home in Libertyville and the price for Agnes Cleaning service is very fair. I encourage everyone who needs home cleaning services to contact Agnes Cleaning Service. - William Eisenbarth, Libertyville, IL

I have been using Agnes Cleaning Service for over 14 years now, and with every move we have made, we have always kept them as our cleaning service. They are extremely dependable and reliable, and they do a great cleaning job every time. We couldn't ask for more and we highly recommend their services. - Kathy Seidenberg, Hawthorn Woods, IL

I have been a client of Agnes Cleaning Service for over ten years.  I have been very happy with them.  They are very dependable and have extremely hard workers.  There has never been a week when they didn't show up or left my house in an unacceptable manner.  I can always rely on their service and I know my house will be clean.  I have had very specific requests and they always seem to remember what I want them to do.  If ever I have had anything to talk to Agnes about, she is always willing to listen and correct whatever may come up.  A great service! - Ann Marie, Lake Forest, IL

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